Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Should We Stay or Should We Go Now.....

Welcome to November!

I remember the days of a chill in the air.  Getting out my sweaters.  Gathering with family.  Cooking turkey ad other comfort food.  Being thankful.  Hunting season.

Now...decision month.

Each year around November 1 all of the staff here receive their invitation to return letters.  We all then have until December 1 to let our administration know if we intend to return for the following school year.  This date does not come as a surprise - we all know it is coming - but the month of November is no less intense and emotional.  Everything gets in the way - emotions, stress, exhaustion, friendships, family, students.  All good things - but they can cloud the real issue:

What is God calling me to?  Where does He want me to serve Him?

Please pray for our entire staff as we all begin this month.

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