Monday, September 19, 2016


Dear Friends,

We often speak about our personal lives and our spiritual journeys.  Today, however, we wanted to ask your prayer as we highlight a ministry.
Six years ago we started seeing the need for an English speaking church in our area.  After a few attempts at the school, we started meeting in our garage.  The core group shifted and changed but steadily continued and started to grow.
Today as we sat in a large circle in our backyard we felt a tremendous joy of the work that God has done with our home fellowship.  There are some weeks of 20 people but now many of about 40.  Today as we sat and joined each other in praises to our King - we could only smile.
We are still in the back yard.  No license and no building.  But we ARE here.  Praising God in this land.  Seeing seeds sewn here in this fertile earth.
Those of you who have supported us financially and through prayer - this is your seeds of faith.
Thank you for your love and faithfulness.

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