Thursday, August 06, 2015

Time is Running Out

Dear friends & family,

As we enter August we are starting the inevitable countdown to our return to Indonesia.  So many things we want to do - but time is short.  This summer has been precious to us as we visit, fellowship, and pray with so many.
A quick update:  All visas have been received!  Praise God!!  Thank you to everyone who has been praying faithfully for our family.  Each of us have a valid one year visa to return to Indonesia.  The horror stories we had been told will not be our story to tell and we are so glad.  The number of people who have asked and prayed has been overwhelming and sweet.  We cannot thank you all enough for your love, prayers, and support.
So what does this mean?  The most popular question that we have been asked all summer is, "When are you coming home?"  While we would love to give you each an answer, the truth is we do not yet know.  What we do know is that God has called us to Indonesia for this season and we will wait and see what He leads us to next.  All in His time.  Our options are varied; we are eligible for a year furlough after next year.  That furlough is not guaranteed and we are not placing all our eggs in that basket again!  We can stay, furlough, leave and come home, leave and go elsewhere, etc.  Praise God that missions is not just in one place - we can all be missionaries in our very own communities.  So knowing that there is work to do all over the world - we wait on Him and will stay or go where He leads.  We know that being in His will is where we want to be.  So we are sorry that we cannot give specifics - but God hasn't given them to us yet either!!!

As we start to look at returning, we have spoken about things we miss.  Funny how you always miss somewhere!  We thought we would share a few of those with you today!

1.  Traffic patterns.  Crazy, right?  But driving in America is so predictable and boring!  We kind of miss the dance of Indonesian traffic - motorbikes, cars, baso carts, becaks, beggars, random people-sized potholes...
2. RICE!  America just cannot get rice right.  We realize we have to learn why there is a difference so we can recreate Indonesian rice better when we do come back to America.
3.  Delivery.  In Indonesia we can call practically anywhere and have anything delivered.  Out of eggs?  Call the Ibu out front and her helper will run them out to me.  Only need 2 eggs?  No worries - they can bring two.
4.  Relationships.  Although we miss specific relationships back in Indonesia, we really miss the Indonesian idea of relationships.  Poor Americans just don't realize the blessings they are missing by not slowing down and enjoying the present.  A lesson we would never have learned until we spent time in Indonesia.
5.  Maddie - our sweet Golden Retriever - cannot wait to cuddle that girl.  We are so grateful that a dog-lovin' family has stayed in our home and loved on her this summer!
6.  Last but certainly not least, people.  We miss our students and their craziness.  We miss dear friends who share porch time with us.  In the last five years we have fallen in love - with a country, it's people, and dear friends and students.  Our hearts will never be the same and for that we are forever grateful.

Prayer requests?

Please pray for our travels to Miami as we help Tori settle in for college.  Pray as well for our hearts as we say see ya later.

Please pray for sweet goodbyes with family and patience as we finish our last weeks here in this very overcrowded house!

Please pray for safe flights and limited jet lag issues.  We get back and need to return immediately to work - we just don't have time for jet lag!!  :)

Thanks to you all.  Please keep in touch.  Our email is
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