Friday, July 10, 2015

America the Beautiful

Dear Friends and Family,

Since our last post our lives have been on "full speed ahead".  Finishing school for the year, packing for our trip, Singapore medical visits, a very long flight, hugs, tears, and non-stop movement - WE ARE HOME,  It has been such a blessing to sit with my mother and chat, play cards, hug my neice and nephews.  It has also been exhausting!
This week we are sitting at Seneca Hills Bible Camp and truly retreating.  God knew exactly what we needed.  We speak to the senior high campers once a day for an hour about missions and then hole up in our room for most of the rest of the time.  In this small retreat room Steve and I have been able to talk, laugh, and dream.  It seems as if it has been years.  Not that we do not do those things in Indonesia but there is such a difference to be home.  I had no idea how on edge I was there.  I feel as if I have finally been able to relax my shoulders fully for the first time in five years.  Steve has actually been sleeping.  It is surreal and quite a blessing.
Many have reached out to us and asked about our visa situation.  Sadly, there are still issues and hurdles to overcome.  We were offered a great job at another great international school but we turned it down.  We really do want to honor our commitment where we are at - but we are all still lacking a visa in hand.  I thought mine would have been sent to me by now but I am still waiting.  Time will surely tell and God is in control.
Until then - we wait.  I am so bad at that.  I want to plan and have things in order and I feel as if all that ability has been stripped away from me.  However, it is sweet to lean in and allow God to move.  Sweet, but not easy.

As we speak to the senior high campers we have been talking to them about their mission fields - where they work, go to school, live.  We all have a mission field.  Ours happens to be in Indonesia - but if God decides to move us on - well, we will be in a mission field in the next place as well.
For all of those asking about our plans, we are set to return to Indonesia on August 26th.  We have one year left on our contract and a big decision to make in December.  Do we stay or go?  That question may be answered for us if there are still visa issues.  After next year we are also eligible for furlough. Maybe we furlough and let Reba spend her senior year readjusting and being surrounded by family.  Tempting - she is on the fence.  She wants to be home but wants to be in Indonesia with her friends too.
So as we maneuver our family and our futures across the big mission field we would like to ask you to pray for us specifically in these areas:
1.  Visas.  We currently do not have one visa in hand.  We will need those to return!
2.  Rebekah - her heart is torn.  Pray that she is able to weigh all of those people and things on her mind and come along side Steve and I as we make future decisions.
3.  Victoria - college adjustment.  In mid-August we will take her to Miami.  Please pray for her adjustment to go smoothly!
4.  Finances - we are still in need of travel to get Tori to school.  Please pray those funds come in and provides for that need.

Thank you all for your prayers and love.  We are abundantly blessed.

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