Thursday, May 21, 2015

He always knows. Our prayer request.

Dear Friends & Family,

We are about 20 days away from getting on a plane and heading to America.  After five years it seems very surreal.
When we left to come to Indonesia we knew we would be heading home after five years.  We thought it would be for a years furlough.  That is what the benefit was at the time we were hired.  However, those benefits changed and now we have - after five years - 9 very short weeks to reconnect with family and friends - as well as renew and refresh.  We cannot tell you how five years living cross-culturally drains you.  There is certainly wisdom in a lot of mission organizations to require their people to furlough more often.  At the same time, we have been abundantly blessed here.  The student body that we serve makes everything completely worthwhile.  The smiles, prayers, and hugs with the students are the reason we are here.  God has provided us with "sons & daughters" of many colors, shapes, and sizes.  If today were to be the last day we served here - it would be with great satisfaction of how God has been able to use us over five years.  We could sit and tell you story after story of God's faithfulness and sovereignty. - As a matter of fact - let's get together this summer - we would LOVE to. :)
This brings us to the next chapter of our lives.  Due to the changing political climate in Indonesia, our work visas are in jeopardy.  We have known about this since March and were concerned.  We met with administration and there did not seem to be much concern on their part so we decided that we would join them in faith but also look at other open doors in order to be responsible to our family.    Since then we have moved at an un-eager rate of speed walking through those doors.  We have been in contact with other schools in our parent organization network but there has been little communication there.  So we were still and waited.  Last week - knowing we were down to two weeks of school left - we decided to place our information on the Mission Teach website. It was not long after that we started hearing from some great schools around the world.  The beautiful part of this has been talking with other believers who have a passion for evangelism and education.  It never ceases to amaze us that God's world is so big - but our world is so small at times.
Most recently we have been in discussions with another school who has been praying for a couple that could fill it's chaplain and counseling role.  They knew it was a long shot - because Steve and I are actually a rarity.  Now we are at the apex of decision-making.  We need to know where our children will attend school next year and where we will be serving.  We had initially set a soft deadline of May 25th - and now we see that as four days away - it is coming fast.
We would like to ask each of you to join us in prayer.  Our prayer is that God will make it evident where we are to be and how we are to serve next year.  If it is here - Wonderful!  We would love to see Reba graduate from here and for us to be able to love on these kids we have grown to know and love.  If it is elsewhere?  Well, God has not failed us yet.  We certainly feel that God's hand will provide for us regardless of where we are.
So as you pray - please remember us.  Ask Him to make our path clear.  Ask Him to squelch the what-if thoughts in our heads and simply let us hear from Him.

Thank you so much for your prayers.  We certainly have felt them over the years and are grateful that you still lift us up.

In His service,

Steve & Paula

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