Friday, April 10, 2015

Abundant Blessings

Shortly after booking tickets home to America, I announced the tickets were purchased to the family and we did a little jig.  It was video worthy but too spontaneous to capture.  The simple idea of home is overwhelming to us.
As we celebrate our homecoming in two months we praise God for the blessings over the past five years.  Most importantly, the lessons that my children have learned as we have negotiated the ups and downs of our time thus far in Indonesia are lasting lessons about who God is and His amazing love for each of us.  As Easter has come and gone it serves again as a reminder of Christ's sacrifice for each us.  We are humbled by the blessings in our lives here.  Humbled by the community - especially the students who have ingrained themselves into our hearts. Humbled by our home fellowship that God has planted here and the multitude of ways God speaks through our time together.  Humbled by the numerous ways we are able to serve.  The list goes on and on.
Our children have been blessed by their willingness to serve.  We are so grateful for the numerous people who helped give towards Victoria's month serving in Thailand last year.  She grew from that time and had moments with God that have impacted her life.  Then this past month Rebekah was blessed in an enormous way by an anonymous benefactor who paid in full for her missions trip to Italy.  What an amazing experience she was provided.  And we have been so blessed by people who have given to our fund to come home this summer.  We are at $2255.00 of our $5000.00 goal!  We have been blessed by family, friends of family, friends, friends of friends!  We have even received donations from people we do not yet know.
Life is not all about blessings - there are hard times and we have surely experienced those.  Regardless of the hardships, God has blessed us too much to complain - too much to dwell on the low times - too much to not continually sing his praises.

We praise you for who you are.  We praise you for your son and His sacrifice.  So often we focus on our own circle of needs and wants - but Father you continually provide above and beyond our expectations regardless of what we truly deserve.  The gifts you have given us over the past year are phenomenal, but Father the gift of your son is the only gift we truly need.  We pray that we are never far from that truth.  We pray that our family and friends have experienced your saving grace.  Continue to mold us and stretch us Father for your glory.  Lead us to where we should go - Direct us to where we should serve.  Help us to be your willing servants - help us to remain open handed and open minded.  Help us to serve others in a way that serves you. Father we are humbled by your unending, unconditional love.  We are in awe of who you are and that you want a personal relationship with us. May we not take that for granted and continue to chase you with all of our hearts and minds. Amen

Your giving is a blessing - whether through prayer or finances.  Thank you.

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