Sunday, February 08, 2015

Welcome 2015

Happy New Year! Not only are we entering a new year but we are entering the year that is bringing us home! Yippee!
Your gifts to the kingdom work over the past five years have been such a blessing here. Our ministry here has been fruitful and we look forward to many more years.

Your support financially and through prayer have been multiplied over and over. The prayer support alone has been such an encouragement to us. Even those short messages through Facebook and email uplift us, encourage us, and spur us on in the work God has brought us to here. Without each of you it would be so difficult.

We look forward to a short homecoming, a chance to see home again. We cannot believe how quickly five years have gone by. It is because of supporters like each of you - through prayer and finances that gifted us with the flights to come here and serve. Our unending thank you to each of you. We are humbled and grateful for each of you.
After five years it is traveling time again. We once again are excited to see God move through our supporters in helping with this expense. Our goal is to raise $5000 to help us with the cost of travel.
That simply means that we need each one of our 50 best friends to give $100....ok, not realistic, right? I guess if each of our Facebook friends gave $25 we would meet our goal - but that is not realistic either. :D

Truthfully though, it only takes a little bit from everyone to easily meet that goal. Would you consider giving to our travel needs? Here is the gift that you will be giving towards:

1. Renewal. After five years in a different culture, we need a bit of renewal. We want to feel home under our feet and let that reenergize us to come back and continue our ministry here.

2. Worship. Man, we cannot tell you how much we miss corporate worship in our language with like people. We cannot wait to attend church and worship with you all.

3. Family. The moment we see our parents will probably be the most special moment that we simply cannot put into words. Steve was so blessed by his mother and step father's visit a year and a half ago. Paula craves to see her mom - five years is such a long time. Paula's mom has struggled with serious health problems and Paula just cannot wait to get that hug only a mom can give. Steve is looking forward to seeing his step mother as well. He has not seen her since his father died. He has not been home since his father died, home is different. He needs this time to make sense of it all. As well, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, siblings, nieces, nephews, etc. We just need those hugs and conversations. The healing and renewing power of those will be miraculous.

4. Good byes. Ok, we are coming home to say goodbye? Sounds strange. The truth is we need the time to settle our oldest daughter into college and see that she is Ok before we return. Paula needs to see the room, the campus, the area that she will be in so her heart is eased. It was so difficult to not be able to do this with our oldest son. We recognize the need for it - for us and her. We have our children but for a moment - a fleeting moment - this transition time is important to us.

5. Friends. We cannot wait to trade stories and prayers with dear friends. It has been such a blessing to have them support us during our time in the field. It will be so joyous to laugh with them and celebrate life with them over this time. Another important piece to the puzzle that will make us whole for our return to the field.

Please prayerfully consider any small amount. We are not in need of the first amount we calculated many months ago. When we last spoke of returning, we thought we would be home for a year furlough. It is disappointing that the door for that was not opened to us. We recognize our need for it - so this summer trip becomes even more vitally important to our continued longevity in the field. It may be hard to understand but your giving to our trip home is actually your gift to us remaining in this ministry long term.

Thank you again to all who have supported us over the last five years. Your giving has been so vital to the work we are doing each day.

Please go here to give a tax deductible gift:
For the designation please choose: staff support
Then for the staff name or project number please enter: Steven Newell 00341

Thank you in advance for your giving. We pray God's blessing over each gift and prayer! We cannot wait to see you!

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