Monday, February 23, 2015

Ministry Highlight: The Freedom House

As we do our thing here, many are doing there thing all over Indonesia. There are so many fruitful ministries in small pockets. We thought it would be interesting to highlight one new ministry for you - please lift the Freedom House in your prayers!

The Freedom House has weighed on the hearts of several women in our community and has finally come to fruition - but that does not mean the road ahead is easy. Finding a house, fixing it up, preparing it is not the hard part - the hard part is walking through dark alleys and in the shadows of Bandung, Indonesia's underbelly and spreading the hope of God's love to those who feel unloved.

After many prayers and a few miracles along the way a house was found for those who need love - those who need hope. This house is now a place where exploited women and children can come and learn skills, learn English, learn of God's love, and learn how to break free from the shackles of prostitution. I urge you to check them out on Facebook and "like" their page.

Begin praying intentionally for their endeavor. I love seeing the gifts and talents of others weave together to form a beautiful tapestry of God working in those who need Him so desperately.

You can also check out their blog at:

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