Tuesday, October 21, 2014

It's Beginning to look a lot like Fall!

Well, fall in Indonesian terms - meaning rainy season. We have come to pretend each year that the rain signals the changing colors of the leaves and a chill in the wind. Our sole fall decoration of a multicolored leaf table runner is our singular reminder of what fall is back in our first home.
What it really means is mold. Ok, not ONLY mold. After five years though it is amazing the ideas of living well that have changed. Our roof leaks - even after being repaired twice. Our walls grow a nice moldy fungus. Back home we need to dust once a week but here we scrape our mold off the walls once a week. Just life in the tropics. Are we complaining? Nope. You should see the green! The deep colors of the trees and grass. It is sopping wet - but incredibly beautiful.

The brush strokes of God's gift to us is are mirrored in each view. From the mountainous regions

to the rice paddies

how blessed we are. Welcome Indonesian fall! Thank you Lord for the gift.

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