Friday, August 15, 2014

Won't you be, oh please won't you be my neighbor?

The dust has settled - everyone is ready - it is time for school to begin.  This year we start school with a bit of a new excitement.  This year - when the books finally close - the doors on the school swing shut behind us - this year we are headed home.  Praise God!  Five years is a long time and we are missing home, family and friends.  The depth of yearning for home is beyond words.  We cannot even begin to explain it.
Of course, this year ends with going home (prayerfully) and then returning - with one less kiddo.  Victoria has already applied to college.  So this summer will be tearful goodbyes, chaos and joy.  We can't wait and don't want it to come all at the same time.
We ask our friends and family to pray for us as we get closer.  We certainly need stamina for the time to come.  Patience for the year to go by. And finances to meet our needs.
But we will get off that plane and be your neighbor for at least a short while.  Shall we meet for some iced tea?  How about sitting on the porch for a little while?  A game of pinochle anyone?  A little bit of stromboli making - a whole lot of cheese eating....  so for the summer to come - won't you be our neighbor?

2014-2015 First Day of School - aren't they cute?  :D

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