Thursday, January 02, 2014

Operation: Come Home

As we enter 2014, we do so with excited hearts.  After being in our fourth year here, we are finally going to attempt to come home for a summer break.  Our goal?  To come home for the summer of 2015, this would help us get Tori transitioned into college and give us some much needed family time - to renew us, to refresh us, to give us a chance to love on so many we miss so much!
Being here, without being able to go home, has not been an easy task.  We told our family when we left that we would see them in five years.    We knew the cost and we knew the reality of that cost.  We are praising God that we are coming into that season.  As we prepare our hearts and pray through some things to happen here for that to occur, we ask for you to stand in partnership with us.

Here our needs as we prepare:
1.  Prayer!  And lots of it!  There are so many things that have to align well here and back home.  Here, in particular, is the need for seemless and easy housing transition.  Our lease here will be up and unless a miracle comes along - we will need to move.
2.  Patience, enough said, ya?
3.  Total commitment to being here until we are actually on the ground there.  We do not want to live ahead of where we are and miss out on the blessings that await us here.
4.  Money!  You all knew that was coming. :)  The total cost of plane tickets home is just under $10,000.00.  It is an amount that we cannot cover nor see how we will be able to cover it.  But we know that our God is big and we rely on Him.  We can also accept mileage donations from frequent flyer miles!
5.  A vehicle, while we are there we will need a car to help get our family around.

All of that is a lot - and we are so grateful to those who have stood with us in prayer and financial support.  Can you please prayerfully consider how to help?  It could be through prayer, finances, asking for your churches support, sharing our blog with others, etc.  Thank you in advance for loving us in this way.

If you decide to partner with us either as a special gift or as a monthly partner, please remember it is tax-deductible.  In order to give, please follow this link:

From that screen, choose your choice of gift, then from the drop down options - choose missionary support.  In the text box please type Steven Newell/003341.

Blessings to you all - we will keep you posted through the year on our progress.  Love and miss you all!

Steve & Paula

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