Sunday, July 14, 2013

Struggling in the Field, Part 3: Is this Paradise?

After three years in Bandung, we decided we had to get away - for our own sanity.  Home was out of the question, that ticket home for the 5 of us is about $9000.00.  So we start to look and find a very cheap villa in Bali, got great round trip tickets for less than $200.00 for the family - and now, here we are.  For one month.
I can honestly say it has been the healing salve we all desperately needed.  Just away from the "bubble" we live in and spending good time as a family.  We have had Steve's mother and stepfather come, now we have a former student from the US come and experience overseas living.  It has been a great experience.
Our society places so much value on work and not enough value on rest.  But rest is needed - and required.  If our God can make this magnificent world we live in and then require a day of rest, should we not?
I love our life here.  I love how God has stretched and grown us in so many ways.  But satan uses busyness and tiredness to distract us - make us feel incomplete, unusable to others.  But that is not truth.  God uses us in the smallest ways.  As a matter of fact here is a cool story to tell...
After a day of too much sun on this fair Irish skin, me, Will, Reba & Tori stayed behind from the beach - covered in aloe :)  Our student from America, Tina, and Steve set off for the beach.  And oh how God worked!

Meet their new friend, I will call him Bob :).  He was sitting on the beach finishing surf lessons and pulled up a chair by Steve and Tina in the shade.  After a few hours of random talking Bob learns that Steve is a pastor and asks him to pray for  Steve (BTW all of this in Spanish, he is originally from South America) asks him why and the story begins to spill out.  He said he was a bad guy.  His wife had just taken their daughter and left him that morning.  He has a son back in S. America that he does not have a relationship with and he repeats...he is a bad guy.  This leads to a couple of hours of talking about God's plan for his life, God's love for him and an exchange of numbers.  Steve invites him to church and we sent the information via text.  No response.  BUT, God promises His word will not come back void.  Please join us in praying for this man's salvation.  Please join us in praising God for the opportunity for Steve and Tina to reach out to him and most importantly pray for him.  
God moves - whether in the "bubble" in which we live or on the beach in Bali - God moves.  This is just one of several amazing God stories that have happened while we are here.  I praise Him for His design for our lives and the people He puts in our path.  I praise Him for rest that leads to the lost finding Him.  
Is it time for you to seek rest?  

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