Friday, June 07, 2013


I guess I miss the changing seasons most about Pennsylvania. I love the changing out of the wardrobe and the cool summer nights offset several months later with the warm fires burning as it snows outside. As much as the thought of 70-80 degrees every day sounds great - it can be a little boring. That is true for other seasons of our lives as well. It is with this thought I write my first blog in quite some time. The season was tiring, never seemed to find the time for proper rest and was draining emotionally, physically and spiritually. One would think that year three would be better than year one in the field and in many ways that would be true. In other ways it becomes harder. I have not left this country in three years and the "loss" of family is becoming a noticeable weight. As well, we are entering a season of decisions again and that is stressful. I am not sure the decision is all that stressful, but the thought of it surely is at times. I loved not having to think through the future this year since we had signed a two year contract. When do you need to make your decision? Well you may laugh when I answer, "December." Yes, to most it seems like a distance away - but here is it a blink of an eye. To be truly transparent with you all this season will depend largely on funding. God has been so good over the past three years. I am amazed at how each dollar has stretched beyond measure. I am so grateful for the one family who has faithfully given $100 each month to partner with us in ministry. When we look around and see those who have nothing it seems a bit selfish to ask our friends, family and acquaintances to give to our ministry. But the truth is we cannot be here, ministering to those we have the great opportunity to minister to without financial help. As we prepare to enter a season in which we will be seeking out support the best way we can from 10,000 miles away we ask for your prayers. Support will help us determine the next step, we know that God will provide if it is His will that we continue to minister here. Additionally, we ask for your prayers that funding will be made available for us to spend next summer stateside. We need a break, our kids need a break and we desperately miss our families and friends. I know a trip home for the summer may be just what the doctor ordered. Will you join us as a prayer partner in these things? Blessings to you and yours from the Newells.

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angelina faiella said...

To our sweet family members, the Newell family,

Today, December 19th, Aunt Barb text me asking me to read your Blog. I am filled with mixed emotions for all of you. Recently, God placed it on my heart to bless Barb and Jack with a much needed computer to be able to stay in touch with your family. That need has been met. Now after reading your Blog I see that there is a great need for financial support. My family and I pray for you always and now will become more pro-active in asking God to lead us to help meet your needs. Psalms 37:4 is always close and dear to my heart just as is Jer 29:11. May God Bless you and continue to provide for you. We would love to see you all home for a summer 2014...In his precious name. Amen! Love your cousin and sister in Christ, Cissy! Merry Christmas and a Happy Blessed New Year!