Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How to Care for Your Missionary

Many ask what they can do - of course we say pray and give. That is vital.

But here is a good excerpt on how the church can support those in the field. Which church? Why you silly, you are the church!

Be Caring Toward Your Missionary

- have someone who understands missionary life tend to the correspondence needs of the missionary. Mailing letters, updating mailing lists, seek out new partners, etc.

- Maintain a flow of communication with your missions families. They already feel alone and out of the loop. Regularly correspond.

- Encourage others to write missionaries overseas. There is nothing more delightful than reading a letter that has made its way across the world - just for them.

- Send cards - remember their birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries. - Pray regularly - name them one by one in your prayers.

- Visit them!

- Respect their need for time off. Many missionaries are leery of sharing vacation news as it may deter supporters. What a shame, encourage them to rest and refuel so God can continue the good work in them. - Coordinate with your missionaries for home leave.

- Every missionary family should have home leave at least once every two to three years. This time is essential to their being able to refill themselves to go back out and serve others.

- While home make them comfortable. Remember they are in their own land as foreigners - with no home. Help them with lodging and daily needs, provide them with a car.

- Expose them to your congregation so people can have a chance to fellowship and hear their stories. Remember a lot changes in two to three years - do not assume they will "fall back in" to where they were before they left, that spot is no longer there.

 - Remember home leave is double expenses for the missionary families. Be sensitive to their financial needs so their time of rest is not burdened with financial concerns and fear of debt. Most missionaries in the field need to be debt free - home leave should not be such a burden financially that they incur debt to survive. - Their family will grow and change just as yours

- keep up with them. Offer to watch over their college aged children and pray for their other children - they are not parents of missionaries but children with a missionary calling all their own. be sensitive to that. It is part of their identity.

- Finally, missionaries LOVE care packages. send them American candy, socks - who cares. It just sends the signal that you still care and they are not forgotten. Remember - when you seal the package - do so with a prayer because the most important thing you can do for your missionary families is...

 pray and give.

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