Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Louder Than Words, Continued

Well, the magical answer was not there, but hooray - God's Word always is... My golden nugget? "For when I am weak, then I am strong." 2 Corinthians 12:10 Ok, so it is not a great epiphany and angels did not sing. Not a new verse that cause an earthquake and tongues...but it was the simplicity that God knows I am imperfect and he also knows the desires of my heart. Where I run out of gas He has a plan. That is why I love the church. You know - the people, not the building. For it is the church who helps stand in the gaps when I cannot measure up. It is the godly teacher who gives a word, the godly neighbor who gives warmth in their smile, the godly husband who tags in when I give up. If you re feeling alone and are hurting I encourage you to find the church - once again, not the building, but the body of believers who will help hold you up when you are weak. A body of believers who will help guide you on the way. I encourage you to find a body of believers who does not place their beliefs in corporate worship on Sunday mornings between the hours of 10-11:30am, but in groups of believers who regularly meet and invest in each others lives. That is something I miss a great deal here in Indonesia. Although there are great people here there are few at our stage of life and in our age group. I can tell my American friends with great certainty now that you are truly blessed to meet freely without fear of prosecution and you have abundant opportunities to find a body of believers that you can connect to and invest in. If you do not have that I challenge to not end this month without having made significant steps to changing that. Go - check our your churches and their small groups and Bible studies. Get involved, open up - pray with someone today. YOu will be blessed.

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