Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hmmm.....Louder Than Words by Andy Stanley

I have been reading a book called "Louder Than Words" by Andy Stanley and enjoy it as I do all of his books. However, this one is causing me to look around at the world in which we live and realize this is no longer the world of my grandparents or even my parents. In a very short 50 years everything is different, everything is permissible and everything must be politically correct! In his book, Andy Stanley, talks about character - so I asked my 10th grade class to tell how they define character and was shocked by the lack of morals used in their definitions. I assumed words like integrity would be used but instead the descriptive words were much more superficial. Words such as successful and leader popped up during the discussion. What? Ok, I am teaching cross culturally so I must rephrase and try again - but to no avail. So what happened? How did everything get so screwed up? Was Sodom and Gomorrah once a place with solid values and clean living? Ok, ok - don't laugh, but I wonder. In the foreword of the book, John Maxwell writes, "The world desperately needs people of vision and personal conviction." Is that what we have lost? How about me? Do I have vision and personal conviction? So the book i really about leadership but as I read the messages I started to think through if my actions as a mother and a wife speak louder than my words? When I say, "I love you." Do they really hear the message I want to send or do my actions muffle the sounds? Then he says, " The mental picture of God may be distorted because of subtle messages you received as a child." Instead of turning that within and thinking about my childhood I became terrified that I was a part in distorting the image of God in my own children's lives. And I lost it. Could that be true? This post is full of questions and no answers. I have not completed the book and to be honest and transparent I just keep creating more questions? It is the season of my life I suppose to be thinking about these things and I know that my dream of being a perfect parent is just that - a dream, but I do not want to hurt my children with my sins. So now what? Is the magical answer in chapter 14, The Finish Line? Probably not, but I suppose asking the question is the first hurdle in the race? Stay tuned....

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