Thursday, December 01, 2011

A great organization to work for....

This is a note we received from our org's president. I just had to share it - it shows the heart of what we are committed to as a body. I am blessed to be a part of this team:

Just a Thought:
“The call of Jesus is personal but not purely individual; Jesus summons his followers not only to an individual calling but also to a corporate calling...But we are not summoned to be a bunch of individual believers, rather to be a community of faith. In the New Testament, it is not so much that there are different churches in different places as that there is one church in many places.” Os Guiness (The Call, p. 98, 101)

It seems that when God has something to say to an agency or organization, He is very good at laying similar thoughts on the hearts of the leaders. God is doing this with the executive team at NICS/Oasis. We strongly feel that God is directing us to lead this “movement” into a much deeper commitment to relational investments, mentoring, and “iron-sharpening-iron” type relationships. God has called us together as a team—the Body of Christ… a community of faith! There’s nothing more important in community than relationship-building; this is how growth, accountability, depth, and spiritual depth have opportunity to develop.

This is no easy task, but it is something to which we are deeply committed; you’ll be hearing more and more about it over the next couple of years. In the meantime, ask God to guide you into deep, meaningful relationships that make you and the other person better! …Just a thought,

Joe Hale, President

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