Monday, August 29, 2011

Idul Fitri

One of the many blessings of our time here is our helper and her family. This is Pak Juju, Ibu Sari and their son, Andre. God increased our family size by three once we hired her to work for us. Pray for them as we continue to talk about God. They are hearing the gospel - pray it penetrates their heart and they give their lives to Jesus!
We were able to spend the breaking of fast with them this year. Ibu Sari cooked some amazing food! Such a blessing to be invited into their home! Please add them to your prayer list!!

OH MY - By the way, Zach Green is our boarding student this year. He is in the picture also! His parents live on another island doing ministry work and he is here to go to BAIS for his last year! A great kid and such a fun experience. As you pray - please remember Zach... our family continues to grow!

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