Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We're ready, We're ready, We're ready....

So it is almost Christmas time and we will be celebrating our first Indonesian Christmas together! We have a tree..

We had a Christmas concert and the family casual photo I do each year....

I love these photos - a family in the mission field. When I was a kid I always thought it would be so neat to be a missionary. Now to see my grown-up life evolving into having kids that are now "MK's" is kinda cool. What is even cooler is that they did not follow their parents but with as much as they could understand at each of their ages - felt a calling of their own. We are not a family of parents who were called to the mission's field but six people who were called who just happen to come together as one pretty neat family. I am so proud of my children and I guess it is natural to reflect on the blessings in your life at this time of year - Steve and I were talking about our best Christmas memory and it was cool that our first Christmas together was both of our favorite memories!
We had taken leave from the Army. He came to Georgia to meet my family and we stayed with my dear, wonderful grandmother & grandfather. She made us food that should be served to angels and we laughed and talked for what seemed hours. They LOVED Steve! My mom and dad were "pre-cancer" - it was different then. My dad did not have the withered look from chemo and my mom still had a joy in her that cancer seemed to rob from her. We sat Christmas Eve with family and friends and sang gospel songs and old carols with some of the sweetest people - many of them gone now. Then Christmas came and Steve gave me a Boston Terrier puppy - who remained in our lives for the next 15 years. We traveled to Pennsylvania to meet Steve's family and had to smuggle our new puppy into his mom's home - dogs are not allowed there. I met the most wonderful little boy for the first time. A two year old Andrew - who is graduating this year. I cannot believe it. I am so proud of the godly young man he has grown into. I cannot wait to see God work in him throughout his adult life. I have no doubt that he will be a willing tool for the Kingdom of God for many years. I saw my first real snowstorm and thought we were going to die as Steve laughed at me. Our puppy hated the snow and refused to go out in it. He was a true Georgian - like me. :)
Since then God has blessed with us three other children and a life full of other blessings. As we sit here missing family and friends in the states it is wonderful to remember the memories from the past. Although I miss my dad and grandfather and Steve misses his grandparents that are gone now we are thankful for their influence in our lives and the memories we have of them to cherish anytime we want.
It is funny - we met in October and had our first date on October 14th- from there we spent the holidays meeting each others parents. I guess people thought we were crazy at the time. But God knew - He always does.
Merry Christmas dear friends and family - both old and new. We are so grateful for the journey we have been blessed to go on and the people God has brought into our lives.
As well, I am so incredibly grateful for the wonderful husband I have married. He has become more than I can imagine. He loves the Lord and our family and leads us with a desperate desire to know and follow God's word. He seeks God's face in the morning and loves us with that love throughout each day! This Christmas as I spend it 11,000 miles away from so many that I love it is wonderful to cuddle up and celebrate with a man who knows me inside and out and loves me with a heart committed to God.

As we sit and watch our children this year - sing carols and watch Christmas movies I am constantly reminded of the love of Christ. He gave everything so that I could have these moments in my life. He gave everything so I could have everything.
As you celebrate this holiday season remember the gift of Christmas - the gift of a Savior. A Savior who loved you so much he came here to live among us, to offer the greatest sacrifice so we can have fellowship with our Father - the living God. If you remember nothing else this holiday season - remember His love for you.


Carol Mc said...

Paula...may I say how proud your grandma, Ethel, and great-grandparents, Huber and Annis McGinnis, would be of your commitment to Christ. And...what a unique experience for your entire family. I was going to mail a card to you, but I'll be emailing a couple of pictures as gifts, instead. Love you...praying for you...
your great-aunt...Carol

Teresa said...

Very sweet pics, Paula. Thanks for sharing! Where can I send my Christmas greeting/newsletter to you this year? What address? Thanks & take care.......
Teresa (your birthday twin)