Wednesday, September 01, 2010


It has been now four weeks since we arrived here in Indonesia. Our hopes had been to update our blog sooner, but that has not been as easy as we thought it would have been. As we sit here and try to think of what things we would share we were overwhelmed. There is so much to share and we could possibly write a book. So we will start at the beginning and abbreviate along the way ...
The drive to New York was long, but fun to travel with Grandma Barbie and Pappy Jack. New York traffic was, well.. New York traffic. We were all a little anxious until we actually got to the airport. Grandma and Pappy rented a car one way so they could drive our van back - we were later than we thought getting to the airport so they were charged extra - please pray God blesses that situation. It was a unexpected charge that they did not have budgeted - they have done so much to help us and we ask you all pray over their finances so that God will bless them in all they have done. We were first in line at check-in with a LOT of Rubbermaid bins to check-in. We had weighed them all at the house and thought we were ok, but as we waited we thought we would throw them on the airport scale and they were ALL overweight! Dollar signs started filling our heads and we were concerned we may have to leave things behind. Then we realized that there was a weight limit for carry-ons and we had overlooked that - so much for careful planning. As we sat and totaled it all up we realized we were possibly looking at $1800.00 and we started to pray - what else should we do. The airline check-in staff started to come out and for some reason Paula really zeroed in on one of the gentlemen and started praying God would touch his heart. Sure enough he was the first to open his line. He told us all the fees based on the fee schedule and went to work. He asked us to place one bin on the scale and it was just barely over weight. He said ok and started putting stickers on all the bins. Then he asked us to weigh our carry-ons and they were over weight. He said he would check them for free so Paula played a quick game of switch-a-roo in order to get some necessary things on the plane with us. After a lot of punching of keys and waiting he handed us our tags and said that he did not charge us for Drew's guitar and said since we had extra bins (we were allowed 12 and we had 16) he had to charge some fees. We looked down at the receipt that we were to carry to the cashier and the total was $351.00. He had charged us no over weight fees. Only for extra bags - and then not even the full price for them. It should have been close to $500.00 just for the extra bins. We prayed and thanked God for His hand through it all. Paula cried. :) Our God is so good, if we only have faith. We knew God would protect us and get us to Indonesia - we had so many who had prayed with and for us - but God continually surprises us. Not sure why we are surprised, but He blessed us in our journey to Indonesia before we ever stepped foot on the plane.
Anyway - so much for abbreviated. We will add more over the next couple of weeks to get everyone up to date and we will add pictures. Until then enjoy our Fort in the Airport picture. We definitely drew some stares! Love & miss you all!


Clarissa said...

haha - love the luggage photo! I've been wanting to see that!

Milly said...

AMAZING MAMA! God is so good! this makes me miss you a lot though your faith and hugs meant so much to me every day! love you! amelia

Tay said...

Dearest Newell family,
It was such a joy to read your blog and know about the way God's hand was continually on you at the airport. I will continually pray for you guys. & I am SO looking forward to new blog posts!! :) Our God is amazing.
Love you all!

Love and God bless,
Taylor Hunker