Thursday, March 04, 2010

Saya tidak bisa bicara bahasa Indoensia.

So I can say that I can't speak Indonesian... Hmmm.. that might be like a band aid on a broken water pipe. Not very useful after a while. So as the date gets closer I have found several "worries" popping up. So for all of those prayer warriors in my life - I need you!
My biggest stresses right now are the fundraising and for my kids.
The kids are starting to feel the move. We are starting to prepare end of the year activities and such and it is starting to sink in that this is it. My 13 year old, Tori, was crying tonight about leaving her best friend - Tori. (Yes, they have the same name) It broke my heart. A parent never wants to see their child cry. Her laptop is being fixed right now - I cannot wait for her to get it back. I am praying that she is able to make some Indonesian connections now so it will help bridge the gap. The others have not gotten to the sad part yet - BUT I know it is to come. So I ask you guys to help us pray over our children. We know that they will be truly blessed by our time in Indonesia so please pray that God will give us the wisdom we need to say and do the right things to help them through this transition.
Fundraising... ARGHH! It is HARD. I am sure that the people in our life will love us and support us financially and in prayer, but I just cannot seem to get past the asking.... It just feels uncomfortable to ask. I know they will be blessed by their giving - we have been tremendously blessed by those we have been honored to support through the years - so please pray that God gives me strength and wisdom here.
As our time stateside is winding down it is so bittersweet. There is no doubt that we will be in Indonesia in July - we know this is where God is calling us, but leaving those we love behind is hard. Steve & I both had to turn in our intent forms to state we will not be returning as faculty next year and then when we received the kids re enrollment packets - knowing they would not be returning - it became more real. Could I not take my little nook of PA with me?
Thank you for the prayers - what would I do without all of those who pray for us? I praise God for them in my life. I praise God for His calling on our family and for the way He is planning on using us in Indonesia. I am honored to be a tool for His kingdom.

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