Friday, January 01, 2010

Goodbye 2009!

Well along with saying goodbye to 2009 we are saying hello to 2010. How are we greeting 2010? With open arms, with desperation that it just HAS to be better than 2009? I know so many who had a rough year during this past year but as I look to 2010 I am fascinated by the people I know who had an extremely hard year but you would never know it by their faith and love for the Lord. So as I look to the new year I will make this one resolution - I just want less of me and more of Christ! I want my testimony to be loud when I am quiet and I want you to know the saving grace of Christ.
God bless all of our family, friends and I even pray for blessings on the new people God will bring in our life during this coming year.

Love you all!

The Newell Family

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