Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Andrew - Youth Sunday Solo

I have to say that God has done an amazing work in Andrew. He is truly in love with the Lord and submissive to His path for him. I just wanted to share this video as it not only shows his giftedness but this song clearly reflects Andrew's heart in so many ways. I cannot wait to see what amazing things Christ does with Andrew's life. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. And yes for those who know me - I cried a little. :) Paula

Devotion for the day - too good not to blog about!

Psalm of the Day
28 December 2009
Psalm 28

1 To you I call, O LORD my Rock; do not turn a deaf ear to me. For if you remain silent, I will be like those who have gone down to the pit.

2 Hear my cry for mercy as I call to you for help, as I lift up my hands toward your Most Holy Place.

6 Praise be to the LORD, for he has heard my cry for mercy.

Thought of the Day: Praise the Lord that He has chosen to show mercy to His creation! He has created a path for us which, although it is narrow, leads directly to His throne. Beyond this act of mercy, He has provided us with a helper that will lead us down this narrow path! If this has been done for us by one who defines righteousness and holiness, how much more mercy should we show those He has placed in our path? Today, I ask you, is there someone in your life who does not deserve your mercy? Will you freely give it, despite their failure to earn it?

“Be ye therefore merciful, as your Father also is merciful..” (Luke 6:36)

Merry CHRISTmas!

I know we have been delinquent in our posts, but tis the season to be busy sometimes! However, as I sit here and reflect on the past week I can honestly say that it was a blessing to resist the business and focus on my family and on the birth of our Lord and Savior! My family has been truly blessed to be surrounded by young people that love the Lord and this Sundays past youth Sunday was evident of their love and dedication. Andrew and Tyler did a fabulous job during praise and worship. As I looked down from the pulpit at my own young children I am reminded why I love working with youth. Their love for Christ is something they wear all day long everywhere they go - boy do we adults have a lot to learn!
So as the holidays wind down and we enter a new year please remember that it is not the resolutions we make for ourselves that will matter in the new year but the resolutions we make for Christ. I resolve to have more of Christ in me this year and to hold on to the boldness of our youth! I resolve to go forth and tell the good news to those that I meet and I resolve to lead young people and disciple them into the Great Commission. Hold me to it, hold me accountable- it is the dedication of each of us to the other that will make our resolutions stick. Pray for us as we pray for you and let us make this New Year one that will have an impact on God's Kingdom! I am excited about what is to come! New opportunities, new open doors, new ways to magnify Christ....