Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dobla dee dobla da life goes on fa la la la life goes on..

Sometimes you just need a boost from friends to get the job done. Where would we be without our Christian fellowship? Many times I look back at stormy times in my life and realize how blessed I was to have such wonderful friends in my life. Those I can count on to not only support me when I am weak but also hold me accountable to God's word.
Last night our church hosted a community Thanksgiving event. Each of the pastors spoke and it was amazing. Just to see the Lutheran church, Baptist church, Wesleyan church, Methodist church, Brethren church and Church of God all come together under one non-denominatiuonal churches roof to offer our praise and thanksgiving to a great and awesome God. How blessed are we to live in a community that we can see past the denominational lines into the heart of other people who love Christ. As I sat and listened to all the different pastors speak and sing I was overwhelmed by the solidarity of the community in which I live. Is this not the way it is supposed to be? Are we all not the church? I truly believe that it is the people who get in the way of the body.
I am proud of our community and the corporate worship that we held together last night and the fellowship following it. It makes my heart sing to see us all come together for the sole purpose of praising our Creator.
So to all of our family and friends Happy Thanksgiving. Remember to count your blessings and thank God for each and every one. May you all be blessed through this holiday!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Prayer

Gracious and loving Father,

Guide our steps and give us discernment to follow your will in our lives. Be with us in our daily endeavors to replicate you in our thoughts, word and deed. Give us the eyes to see those who are hurting around us and sufficient love to help them in their times of need. Regardless of where you send us and what you have in store for us let us be diligent in our current ministry and use us to reach those who need you. We praise you for your love, grace and mercy in our lives. We praise you for our family and their giftedness and their willingness to serve you. We submit to your will and surrender our lives to the greater purpose you have for us.
In your Son's most holy, loving and awesome name,