Thursday, October 22, 2009

God has a great sense of humor!

So about a year ago Steve and I started thinking about where we should be serving God. It took us months but then we started "looking into it". We turned down some good jobs this summer - they just didn't seem to be where God wanted us. It is useless to be where you shouldn't - listening for God's voice can be nerving when we want it all on our time table, but you just know when it is or isn't His will. So no complaints and we re-up'ed here at EHCA. After our last ACSI convention we met a man who had such a heart for overseas missions and talked to him for a bit. We left feeling like we were in the desert with no water and needed some living water to drink! After we got home we began to talk and pray and we decided that the pull was more than just a desire but a call. The guy we spoke with said that he had once heard someone say, We are all commanded to go - you must be called to stay. Well that spoke volumes into our lives so we decided to stop limiting God and just put ourselves out there. It reminds me once again to how blessed we are to have God speaking into our lives. So whether it is down the street, across town, a different state or a different country - we submit to going where God calls us, being used for His glory.
So if what we heard is true I have to ask my dear friends? Are you too comfortable? Have you been called to stay? If not, where are you going?

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