Monday, October 26, 2009

Championship Games!!!!

After a long season middle school soccer and volleyball are over - both with successful seasons. Reba played soccer and her team won their division championship game! She really did enjoy this season. It was new for her and she rotated since she is only in fifth grade, but hopefully her time in this year will benefit her next year.

Tori's volleyball team came in second. This was my first year coaching them and boy did I learn a lot. Mostly about Tori - she is determined and encouraging to her teammates. They really had a great season. I could not be more proud of them.

Goodbye 8th graders!
I will miss them so very much - they are really great girls! They played hard and were great sports. The JV team will be blessed to have them next year!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Just feeling blessed today....

How many names can I use to explain the love of my Jesus,
the life that he gave and so many times will I praise you today.
I lift up my life ‘cause you’re always the same
And my offering to you I bring
You’re what I hold on to; I know that you brought me through
All the days of loss, to the cross you knew
I’d need a Savior.

EHCA Junior Retreat - What a blessed day!

So for the first year the junior class went on a day retreat. We worked on team building skills and communication. Then we sat around a fire, had devotions and spent some great spiritual time together. These kids are the best - I really mean that. I have been blessed in so many ways by having them in my life. I see Christ working in each of them and although they each have their struggles - they perservere in Christ's name. This world will be a better place with them in it. Here are some pics - I took 100's but here are a few. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just some cute pics to share

God has a great sense of humor!

So about a year ago Steve and I started thinking about where we should be serving God. It took us months but then we started "looking into it". We turned down some good jobs this summer - they just didn't seem to be where God wanted us. It is useless to be where you shouldn't - listening for God's voice can be nerving when we want it all on our time table, but you just know when it is or isn't His will. So no complaints and we re-up'ed here at EHCA. After our last ACSI convention we met a man who had such a heart for overseas missions and talked to him for a bit. We left feeling like we were in the desert with no water and needed some living water to drink! After we got home we began to talk and pray and we decided that the pull was more than just a desire but a call. The guy we spoke with said that he had once heard someone say, We are all commanded to go - you must be called to stay. Well that spoke volumes into our lives so we decided to stop limiting God and just put ourselves out there. It reminds me once again to how blessed we are to have God speaking into our lives. So whether it is down the street, across town, a different state or a different country - we submit to going where God calls us, being used for His glory.
So if what we heard is true I have to ask my dear friends? Are you too comfortable? Have you been called to stay? If not, where are you going?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Long time No BLOG!!

Sorry for the delays - it has just been crazy finally getting back home for the summer and school starting - I am working on my Masters and it seems that there is just no time!
Kids are in school and Steve and I are teaching - loving the kids! I do have a lot of pics from the summer - but they are not yet sorted. I will update often - until then know that God is Good - ALL the TIME and all the time GOD is GOOD!

Love and miss you all!