Saturday, April 04, 2009

What an awesome week!

Ok so here has been the run down....

Tuesday night Will and the girls had their first softball/baseball practice. Steve went with the girls and I went with Will - good thing too because Steve would have died watching Will do some type of jiggly dance in the outfield!!!! He got a hit though!

We also had our youth assist with Evangel Heights Church's Easter Drama. Every year they do a huge production and the first performance is a dress rehearsal for the elderly. They come in from many retirement communities and nursing homes. We bake cookies and escort them. It was fun and rewarding! The drama was excellent also. If you live in the area please check it out.

The shopping trip with grandma for Easter was cancelled to day - Pappy is under the weather so say a prayer for him. Tonight I have nothing planned - SAY IT ISN'T SO! So I get to work on my master's classes! Take care and I will catch up over the weekend!

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debevans said...

Van is having fun playing TBall right now too!