Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thank you Easter Bunny!!!!

Easter is always a cool time of year. Spring is sprung and the birds are back and I get to dress my children all alike. Only happens once a year and I relish it. This year they asked me how old they had to be to not have to dress alike anymore and I told them it was not an age but when they paid their own mortgage and had children of their own.... They did not seem impressed.
It always amazes me Easter morning how peaceful and serene it is. I have four kids scrambling to locate well hidden Easter baskets but I am oblivious to the noise and grateful. Grateful I guess is the best word for it I suppose.... How could a God so big love me who is so small? There is always a lot of time for reflection during Easter and this year was not any different from years before but I still found this Easter extra special. I really cannot put it into words. Even in my prayers I found it hard to communicate, God knows my heart though. Sometimes we get so caught up in the busyness of life and so many people this year are struggling - but in all the busyness and struggles do we stand grateful? It is always hard to be thankful when things are not going well, but isn't perspective everything?
So I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter break and took time out to thank God for His sacrifice and unconditional love. Remember when it seems so bad God has it all under control.

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debevans said...

We had a wonderful Easter too! I hope I can match Van and Emily's outfits forever!! :) This is the 2nd year I have taken their picture together at the Park...I think I'll do it every year!!