Monday, April 06, 2009

Hershey Park here we come!!!!!!

Just THREE more days until our mini getaway. I LOVE mini getaways. Just a few days with family to refresh ourselves and enjoy each others company and we love Hershey, Pa.
So we are going to Hershey Park one day and Zoo America and then just hanging out. I love Hershey partly because there is a hotel there that has a room with a queen bed and two doubles which is perfect to sleep our family and it does not cost an arm and a leg.
That part of Pa is so beautiful - full of history and gorgeous scenery. I get so excited about going each time. I also love to check out Sight & Sound theater every time. We won't get to do that this time, but if you ever want a great vacation there definitely include Sight & Sound. Last time we went I thought Will was going to fall out of his seat. He was amazed at the live animals and the actors. I would love to do a behind the scenes tour with the kids some day. I have always thought that area of Pa would be a great place to live...even though it is not on the beach! So keep us in your prayers as we travel. We will be getting back in Saturday so we can be bright eyed and bushy tailed for our sunrise service!
I had a new little boy in Sunday School today who did not know anything about Christ's death and resurrection. I was thrilled to tell the story! He asked so many awesome questions! I love it when kids are hungry for God's word. When he left he said "I hope my parents will let me come every week." No big productions, no expensive set ups, no food, no big huge craft projects. I was just filling in for our regular Sunday School teacher and talking about God. Don't let the world tell us we need more than that to reach these kids!!
Anywho - talk to ya after Hershey! Looks like Will is tall enough now for all but the two biggest rides. So it should be a lot of fun. Thinking about letting Drew and Tori take off and do their own thing for awhile but having some anxiety about it - I must have blinked because they got so BIG. Didn't we just bring them home yesterday? :)

Love you all and miss those not near!

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