Monday, March 16, 2009

Where O Where?

Transitioning is tough sometimes, but exciting in the same way. As we have prayed about where God would have us go next we have spoken with some awesome people and learned so much. We have learned different ideas, seen things through different eyes and found out some new stuff about ourselves through this "gut check". What is the most awesome part is that God is in control and we are ecstatic about His plans for us. We were concerned about our kids reactions, but they have surprised us once again by being so excited about the possibilities. Sometimes I think how lucky our new church will be to have these kids who are so on fire for God - Steve and I are just the adult chaperones - LOL

On to other news my daughters 6th grade class came back from lunch last week and found that their two "female" hamsters now had 8 babies. Hahaha!!! We have already had the discussion that we will not be interested in applying for adoption. They are tiny little hairless rat babies... yuck!

Andrew's JV basketball team ended their season UNDEFEATED!!!! They tore through all the other teams this past Saturday and ended up first (of course) in their division. I am so proud of him! He has really disciplined himself this year and the proof is in the pudding you could say!

Will is tremendously excited about switching from half day kindergarten to full day in two weeks. They have been preparing them for the changes and he is beside himself. So we get to have a lunchroom practice run through next week! These just might be the best chicken nuggets he will have ever eaten!

And then there is our precious Reba! They have projects on famous people from Pennsylvania and her life is totally about W.C. Fields! Not tell me how did my daughter end up with an alcoholic for her famous person? LOL Every article we read on him leads us to a not so great lifestyle. She is actually very concerned about whether he was a christian. I am loving her heart!

So that wraps us up currently! Steve and I have found ourselves spending more time together now that basketball is over and that has been awesome. We can't wait to see what happens next - it is like reading a good book and waiting on the next installment to be published. Keep us in your prayers! Whether it be Alaska, Florida, Indiana, Texas, Pennsylvania - I dunno - I just want to be where the church is on FIRE! I know God has been preparing us for something exciting!

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debevans said...

good updates on everyone :)
I hope you guys find where you belong and can feel "at home" soon! I never would have thought I'd feel like Savannah was home, but sometimes I feel like I've always been down here :)