Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day Off!

OK, OK, I just had to write a quick note to say THANK GOD for days off sometimes! I have papers to write and a house to clean, so it is a welcome day.
Saturday Grammy Tam came up and spent the day with me and the kids while Pappy Lee, Steve and Andrew were at the church for the Fantasy Baseball Auction. Baseball is such a long season - although I love to go to the games - How in the world can anyone keep so much information on stats in their head? THOSE BOYS!! Anyway it was a good day. Grammy played outside with the kids while I took the washer apart! After spending what we did on a front loading washer I was determined to fix the clog myself. So far --- SUCCESS!!!
Sunday we went to Grandma Barbies and Pappy Jacks for lunch and fellowship. It was such a nice time. The kids love to get together with their cousins and play. Too bad it only happens a few times a year. I am really trying to make purposeful time together with everyone. We are still preparing for the next awesome opportunity that God puts in front of us. Anyway - great weekend AND Monday off! I hope everyone is doing well.
Please, please pray for my friends Ben and Lisa - they each lost a family member this past week. Ben lost his cousin in a freak accident that took his family by shock. She has two little boys too! Please keep that family in your prayers. Lisa lost her husband after a long struggle with cancer. You can never be prepared - even though you are preparing. I learned that through my Dad's battle with cancer. So please lift them up as they try to absorb these losses in their lives.
As much as we miss our loved ones when they are gone it is wonderful to know that they have been promoted to glory. So my question for you today is this:

Are all you loved ones going to be promoted to glory? If there was an accident would you at least find comfort in knowing that they knew Christ as their personal savior? If the answer is not a clear and resounding YES I KNOW MY LOVED ONES ARE SAVED - then what are you still doing reading this? You have work to do!

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