Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Will's first tooth!!!!!!!

OK the bad news is the camera battery is dead and I left the battery charger across the street at the church! The cool news is that Will lost his 1ST tooth today! He was so excited. He told me it was "twisty"and I looked and felt it and as I began to see how "twisty"it was it landed right in my hand - his eyes were SO big. He ran immediately to the mirror to check it out.

It is amazing to me that may baby is old enough to lose his first tooth. How quickly time flies. It makes me reflect back on my life and how delighted I am that God is so BIG in their lives.
You know - with all the changes to come and the uncertainty of the future of our current church I asked Will where he thought we would be. Then I named about six different states and he looked at me with this puzzled look and said Mom, we are going to heaven. How simple and plain. Really that is the ultimate destination and God has the journey there under control. Just enjoy the journey - give God praise for the good times and praise Him for the struggles. Enjoy the journey! It sometimes takes a five year old to remind us of the simplicity of it all. I was working on one of my master's classes this afternoon and in that process I was reading my Bible looking for some verses that applied to my paper topic and God's words just leaped off the page - we are to love God and others and not try to make it so hard with our need for control or our need for Stuff!
Steve's sermon on Sunday was on peace - God is teaching me this week in my school work, through my children and in my devotion time that I can rely on Him in word and in deed. In order to teach this to my children and students I must walk the talk.


debevans said...

I'm glad you have a blog! Van still has all his teeth :) He's learning about brushing his teeth at school this week and I got all of his classmates some cute toothbrushes (thanks to my Mom) they'll all have pretty smiles.
Hope God leads you guys down here...miss you cousin :)
PS: We have a beach!

Anonymous said...

Hehe congratz was better than the reaction you got from Tori right?

The Newells said...

Amen Amy - Tori was FREAKED out..hahaha