Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We recently had a meeting with the President of the Bible School that oversees and had previously planted the church where we minister. We found out during this meeting that having a church is not their number one priority and have decided to begin renting the facilities out to people in the community for events. Although the rentals have occurred before they are hoping to up the number of rentals and we are no longer guarunteed any consistent nights for ministry purposes. The good news is that at least we are now aware of their vision and their intentions. Planting a church is diffficult but rewarding work, however, we are in a unique situation that with this church planting the people who hold the cards belong to other churches and live miles away - only to meet twice a year at the very small bible school across the street. Steve and I clearly have a vision for youth amd children's ministry and we have learned so much in our last year here at GracePointe. God has stretched us in so many ways and we are so excited about what is to come. Our contract here runs out in May and we really are not sure of what their intentions are with our ministry positions. Now knowing their thoughts on the priority of the ministry as a whole I assume our vision does not coincide with theirs. So I am asking my friends and family to please keep us in your prayers. I am excited for the next chapter in our lives and what God has in store for us next. We are willing and open to any location or position that God has in store for us and we cannot wait to put our talents to good use for God's glory. Until then we will keep plugging away where we are and minister to those we have - they are faithful and full of a great love for the Lord. Thank you for your prayers and love.

(By the way- Will insists we should move to the beach all of the sudden - I wonder if it is a prophetic request - LOL :) )

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