Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!!!!

So for a holiday that we never usually celebrate, this years Valentine's Day turned out to be wonderful and surprising.

First, Mr. Newell was surprised in his 1st period class with the largest chocolate strawberries ever seen. They were incredible. Their aroma filled the room. I think he had most of the school craving strawberries all day! He loves strawberries and I hate them - so I thought it would be a nice gift.

So then we had plans to go to Pittsburgh for dinner, but he wanted to be back early so he could put the finishing touches on Sundays program and music. So we found a great little steak and seafood restaurant. They were in the cultural district and that ended up being perfect because he surprised me with tickets to the OPERA! I was so surprised. I would have never guessed it! So after dinner we walked around the city and then watched Porgy & Bess.

Not his perfect evening, but he gave me mine! BUT WAIT - that is not all! He also bought me tickets to see Movin' Out - a compilation of Billy Joel songs set to a story line with lots and lots of dancing. I cannot wait - it is next weekend.
You know, we have always just let Valentine's Day pass us by - it is nice though every once in a while to spend some time to appreciate one another. It was great for both of us to be thinking of the other and showing it in particular gifts. Gifts are not what it is all about, but the thought. It made me think of how blessed I am to have such a wonderful marriage. Not perfect by any means, but it is so awesome to kneel beside my bed next to my best friend and give glory to God. So many years we spent trying to figure it out - we just need some kneeology. So when people ask me how we do it - that's it - you just need God. A little kneeology goes a long way!

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