Monday, February 23, 2009

The flu? Strep? Say it isn't so...

Well Friday I woke up and thought I was run over by a large truck in my sleep. Thinking I would muscle through it I went to Tori's championship basketball game - they placed 2nd WAY TO GO!! - then lunch with the team and came home and started laundry... the never-ending job. I woke up this morning and it was worse. Steve, however, did a great job on his sermon this morning. He was really in "the zone" lol. After much prayer he really left himself open to God's will and it was really special to see God use him this morning. Every time he preaches I just overflow with gratitude for what God has done in our lives. If He can use us then He can use anyone. Four kids from our school came and led praise and worship - so cool to see these kids praising God. They were awesome and I felt like their mom and dad - just so proud of them. As I sat there and closed my eyes and let God move over me I sensed such peace with what is to come in our lives. It doesn't matter where we go or in what function we are used - I am just so grateful.
Another cool thing happened this weekend. A dear friend from our former church approached me about their current calling for an academy for troubled teens and a home for unwed mothers. As I listened to her story I heard her human nature and doubt, but as she shared how God has taught her to rely on Him and the funds and obstacles all are coming together I am so excited. God placed her there at just the right time. I needed to hear her sharing. I was honored that she felt like God was leading her to me. I am not sure how I can help, but I have begun to pray for her and her ministry. Would you join me?
So whether it is the flu, strep or just a large dose of the yucks - I am in bed and getting ready to take some Nyquil for rest.
It s funny - Steve felt called to speak on peace this morning and with all the uncertainty in our future I am at peace. Peace that understands God will show the way and He will provide the way. I will hopefully figure out how to post some video from this morning. Not now though - my pillow calls....

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