Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Will's first tooth!!!!!!!

OK the bad news is the camera battery is dead and I left the battery charger across the street at the church! The cool news is that Will lost his 1ST tooth today! He was so excited. He told me it was "twisty"and I looked and felt it and as I began to see how "twisty"it was it landed right in my hand - his eyes were SO big. He ran immediately to the mirror to check it out.

It is amazing to me that may baby is old enough to lose his first tooth. How quickly time flies. It makes me reflect back on my life and how delighted I am that God is so BIG in their lives.
You know - with all the changes to come and the uncertainty of the future of our current church I asked Will where he thought we would be. Then I named about six different states and he looked at me with this puzzled look and said Mom, we are going to heaven. How simple and plain. Really that is the ultimate destination and God has the journey there under control. Just enjoy the journey - give God praise for the good times and praise Him for the struggles. Enjoy the journey! It sometimes takes a five year old to remind us of the simplicity of it all. I was working on one of my master's classes this afternoon and in that process I was reading my Bible looking for some verses that applied to my paper topic and God's words just leaped off the page - we are to love God and others and not try to make it so hard with our need for control or our need for Stuff!
Steve's sermon on Sunday was on peace - God is teaching me this week in my school work, through my children and in my devotion time that I can rely on Him in word and in deed. In order to teach this to my children and students I must walk the talk.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The flu? Strep? Say it isn't so...

Well Friday I woke up and thought I was run over by a large truck in my sleep. Thinking I would muscle through it I went to Tori's championship basketball game - they placed 2nd WAY TO GO!! - then lunch with the team and came home and started laundry... the never-ending job. I woke up this morning and it was worse. Steve, however, did a great job on his sermon this morning. He was really in "the zone" lol. After much prayer he really left himself open to God's will and it was really special to see God use him this morning. Every time he preaches I just overflow with gratitude for what God has done in our lives. If He can use us then He can use anyone. Four kids from our school came and led praise and worship - so cool to see these kids praising God. They were awesome and I felt like their mom and dad - just so proud of them. As I sat there and closed my eyes and let God move over me I sensed such peace with what is to come in our lives. It doesn't matter where we go or in what function we are used - I am just so grateful.
Another cool thing happened this weekend. A dear friend from our former church approached me about their current calling for an academy for troubled teens and a home for unwed mothers. As I listened to her story I heard her human nature and doubt, but as she shared how God has taught her to rely on Him and the funds and obstacles all are coming together I am so excited. God placed her there at just the right time. I needed to hear her sharing. I was honored that she felt like God was leading her to me. I am not sure how I can help, but I have begun to pray for her and her ministry. Would you join me?
So whether it is the flu, strep or just a large dose of the yucks - I am in bed and getting ready to take some Nyquil for rest.
It s funny - Steve felt called to speak on peace this morning and with all the uncertainty in our future I am at peace. Peace that understands God will show the way and He will provide the way. I will hopefully figure out how to post some video from this morning. Not now though - my pillow calls....

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We recently had a meeting with the President of the Bible School that oversees and had previously planted the church where we minister. We found out during this meeting that having a church is not their number one priority and have decided to begin renting the facilities out to people in the community for events. Although the rentals have occurred before they are hoping to up the number of rentals and we are no longer guarunteed any consistent nights for ministry purposes. The good news is that at least we are now aware of their vision and their intentions. Planting a church is diffficult but rewarding work, however, we are in a unique situation that with this church planting the people who hold the cards belong to other churches and live miles away - only to meet twice a year at the very small bible school across the street. Steve and I clearly have a vision for youth amd children's ministry and we have learned so much in our last year here at GracePointe. God has stretched us in so many ways and we are so excited about what is to come. Our contract here runs out in May and we really are not sure of what their intentions are with our ministry positions. Now knowing their thoughts on the priority of the ministry as a whole I assume our vision does not coincide with theirs. So I am asking my friends and family to please keep us in your prayers. I am excited for the next chapter in our lives and what God has in store for us next. We are willing and open to any location or position that God has in store for us and we cannot wait to put our talents to good use for God's glory. Until then we will keep plugging away where we are and minister to those we have - they are faithful and full of a great love for the Lord. Thank you for your prayers and love.

(By the way- Will insists we should move to the beach all of the sudden - I wonder if it is a prophetic request - LOL :) )

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!!!!

So for a holiday that we never usually celebrate, this years Valentine's Day turned out to be wonderful and surprising.

First, Mr. Newell was surprised in his 1st period class with the largest chocolate strawberries ever seen. They were incredible. Their aroma filled the room. I think he had most of the school craving strawberries all day! He loves strawberries and I hate them - so I thought it would be a nice gift.

So then we had plans to go to Pittsburgh for dinner, but he wanted to be back early so he could put the finishing touches on Sundays program and music. So we found a great little steak and seafood restaurant. They were in the cultural district and that ended up being perfect because he surprised me with tickets to the OPERA! I was so surprised. I would have never guessed it! So after dinner we walked around the city and then watched Porgy & Bess.

Not his perfect evening, but he gave me mine! BUT WAIT - that is not all! He also bought me tickets to see Movin' Out - a compilation of Billy Joel songs set to a story line with lots and lots of dancing. I cannot wait - it is next weekend.
You know, we have always just let Valentine's Day pass us by - it is nice though every once in a while to spend some time to appreciate one another. It was great for both of us to be thinking of the other and showing it in particular gifts. Gifts are not what it is all about, but the thought. It made me think of how blessed I am to have such a wonderful marriage. Not perfect by any means, but it is so awesome to kneel beside my bed next to my best friend and give glory to God. So many years we spent trying to figure it out - we just need some kneeology. So when people ask me how we do it - that's it - you just need God. A little kneeology goes a long way!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Forgotten Blog!

Amazing - a blog I began and forgot all about! Sad, I guess. So today I "Googled" my name just for kicks and found this blog! So I am determined to revive it. Much has changed since its inception, so bear with me. Until I have more time to give a proper update here is a newer picture. Take Care!